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    How to Create Content Consistently

    Learn the Framework!

    Learn to Create, Publish and Distribute content weekly following the Content Consistency Framework and Schedule.

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    Build Your Marketing Framework

    Livecast Life Book

    Live the content creator lifestyle when you learn to live stream, podcast and blog every week.

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    Interviews and Instruction

    Women in Podcasting

    How to create a book from a series of interviews in one weekend along with exceptional interviews.

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  • Livecast Lifestyle

    Implementation Program

    Livecast Lifestyle

    Gain confidence to livestream, learn the best equipment for your studio, and consistently produce professional content marketing for your successful business.

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What They Say About Us

"Speaking of Shelley, I am forever grateful to her and Toby—the team at AGK Media Studio—for helping me turn this dream of publishing my book into a reality."
Rosa Linda Romàn
Rosa Linda RomànAuthor: Losing Sight of the Shore
"Shelley and Toby walk their talk. This is the exact process we've used (with their help) for my podcast. It's been a great experience. And so helpful to rebooting my show, not only as a podcast but also as a Livestream taking live Q&A from people on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook."
Jen McFarland
Jen McFarlandLivecaster: Women Conquer Business
"Shelley and Toby are motivated in a way that is contagious. They find their goal and go about reaching it, and along the way, they teach their audience how they did it! They share so much good information!"
Pam Uzzell
Pam UzzellPodcaster: Art Heals All Wounds


Blog Posts

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  • Messages and Methods

    AGK Media Studio

    Messages and Methods

    Messages and Methods focuses on encore entrepreneurs and content creators. We provide tips, tools, and tactics to improve your content marketing to expand your brand and business online.

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  • Livestream Coach

    Shelley Carney

    Livestream Coach

    Shelley Carney Livestream Coach is the personal brand for Shelley Carney. She produces a livecast and blog each week for encore entrepreneurs who want more in-depth advice about creating content consistently and staying motivated.

    Read the Blog
  • Explore the Land of Enchantment

    New Mexico Day Trips

    Explore the Land of Enchantment

    Discover our newest and best day trips, what we learn and how we grow because of our travels across New Mexico.

    Read the Blog

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Messages and Methods: Livecast Life 2.0 | Shelley Carney Livestream Coach | New Mexico Day Trips | Women Conquer Business

  • Messages & Methods: Livecast Life 2.0


    Messages & Methods: Livecast Life 2.0

    What online entrepreneurs want is visibility, impact, and profit but they often get overwhelmed by the technology. We inspire excitement for content creation and marketing yourself and your brand while answering all your technology questions.

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  • Shelley Carney In The Land of Enchantment


    Shelley Carney In The Land of Enchantment

    Shelley Carney packs this podcast full of stories to bring you motivation, encouragement, and supportive tips and tools.

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  • Messages & Methods


    Messages & Methods

    We cover great content creator topics and answer your questions about digital marketing, livestreaming and podcasting.

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  • Shelley Carney Livecast Lifestyle


    Shelley Carney Livecast Lifestyle

    Shelley Carney shares her tips and tools for living the livecast lifestyle and answers your questions about content marketing and more.

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  • New Mexico Day Trips


    New Mexico Day Trips

    Retirees and encore entrepreneurs, Shelley Carney and Toby Younis, live and travel in New Mexico. Discover the outdoor recreation, food and festivals of the Land of Enchantment.

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  • Garage Prospecting

    YouTube Channel

    Garage Prospecting

    Follow along as we learn to process paydirt and extract the gold within. We share our methods and interview other prospectors and equipment designers to learn all the latest tips and tricks.

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